The best little coworker, my Sedum Makinoi

I like succulents. They’re pretty. I really like compact, trailing succulents and can’t wait to see this one get bigger. I feel like it’s the most calming plant in my office.

My sedum looking out the window.

Chit-chat at the water cooler

  • Binomial name: Sedum makinoi
  • Given name: Mäkilä
  • Native to: alpine rock crevices; shady, moist forests in mountain valleys in Eastern Asia, including China and Japan
  • Bought: July 1, 2021 at House of Plants
  • Original pot (current): 5 inch plastic nursery pot

Field notes–July 22, 2021

  • Soil: not quite dry; pot seems to still have water weight (last watered 8 days ago)
  • Light: East-facing window; Lux Light Meter app estimates 360 FC
  • Longest strand: 6 cm from soil to base of last rosette
  • Largest leaf: 2.5 cm wide
  • New growth: lots of little rosettes, some new growth along base of older stems
  • Signs of pests:
    • Some leaves have little white spots, not sure if this is damage or something else
    • Removed a leaf with yellow discolouration; not sure what it is.
  • Signs of care issues:
    • Some leaves have damaged edges; am uncertain if they are worsening. There is a consistent style of indent. May be due to underwatering? [1] I will ask online.
  • Other care: removed some dead leaves close to base of plant

Leaf collection

Sign of distressNotesInexpert diagnosis and treatment
Soft white spotsEasily scratched off; a bit sticky, maybe?Mealybugs? Scarring?
Yellow discolourationRemoved leafFungal or bacterial or pest issue?
Consistent indentationShows up on various new and old leavesWatering issue?

Research notes


  • Light: full sun to part shade; 6 hours direct sun indoors
  • Humidity: average
  • Temperature:
    • Summer: 10 to 25 degrees Celsius
    • Winter: 7 to 10 degrees Celsius


  • Preference: dry out slightly before watering
  • Frequency: more frequent in spring and summer than winter

Soil, fertilization, and pots

  • Soil type: well-draining; cactus or succulent mix is good; or 1 part perlite, sand, or pumice to 1 part potting mix + compost or worm castings
  • Fertilization: not necessary if potting mix has nutrients, but can use diluted fertilizer once a month in spring and summer
  • Repotting: when doubled in size or once a year


  • Grow style: medium;
  • Maturity: can live a “long” time, stems can grow up to 15 cm long; may reach 10 to 20 cm high and 30 cm wide
  • Neat stuff: creeping succulent
  • Common problems:
    • Generally pest-free, but watch for aphids, mealybugs, or flies
  • Propagation:
    • In spring and summer
    • Stem or leaf cuttings in water:
      • After a couple weeks in water, roots develop
      • Transfer to pot with appropriate potting mix
    • Stem or leaf cutting in soil:
      • Let callus over for two days
      • Place in soil
      • Keep soil moist until roots develop (a couple weeks)
    • By division

Research sources: [1]SFGATE, Lazy Flora, HOMEMAKR, Greg, Plants for a Future, World of Succulents

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