Cryin’ ‘bout my Baby’s Tears

You’re “supposed” to be easy. Why’re you causin’ such trouble! (Don’t shake the plant.)

Fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked little fella

Just kidding. I love you. But you are trouble!

  • Binomial name: Soleirolia soleirolii
  • Given name: Ympäri Pyöreä
  • Native to: Western Mediterranean
  • Bought: April 7, 2021 at Plant & Curio
  • Original pot: 4 inch plastic nursery pot
  • Repotted: June 17, terracotta 4 inch
  • Current pot: outside, on the edge of a potted lavender plant also in plant rehab
  • Signs of pests: one slug
  • Soil: aaargh. Soggy on bottom, dry on top
  • Longest strand: who knows, getting shorter
  • Number of strands: fewer, at any rate. Perimeter of growth is constricting.
  • Anti-new growth: just slow death.
  • Signs of pests: millipede in bottom of container. Are the little dots millipede eggs or fecal pellets or both?
Millipede at bottom of original pot plus little dots that are fecal pellets and/or eggs
  • Signs of care issues: drying out; humidity is too low. Had given Marphyl fertilizer by top-watering; seems to have disliked this (I tried to avoid the leaves, but it did touch some).
  • Repotted to terracotta 4 inch pot.
Less lush 😦
Will this work? Maybe it will reduce sogginess while allowing me to add more water to the top regularly!

Still wasn’t happy. Will a cloche work to keep it humid?

Steamy little cloche by June 17.

Didn’t seem entirely healthy — too much condensation inside and a funky smell. Should research how to use cloches before I try them next time.

Still dying back. How about more humidity via a humidifier!?

He’s just not happy, no. Nor is his buddy, Ferris. Ympäri Pyöreä is dying back, maybe less quickly than before? But: I decided enough of this and took him outside in the evening. Do or die outside, little plant.

Le sigh.

I decided to finish this post and, in my research, came to feel love and hope again. Went outside and realized I’d placed him in an area of direct sun. Pulled him out of the death-sentence in sunlight and placed him in a container with a similarly rehabbing, likely-to-die lavender plant. Maybe they’ll keep each other company and either survive or fade out together?

See him hanging out at the bottom right?

Well, we’ll see. As my aunt said to me the other day (not about this guy, but in relation to her plants), “There’s a gardener’s motto: ‘It may come back.’”

No luck. It crisped up entirely and is now, officially, a goner.


  • Light: medium; part shade to shade
  • Humidity: high
  • Temperature: 10 to 27 degrees Celsius


  • Preference: evenly moist but never soggy

Soil, fertilization, and pots

  • Soil type: any potting mix, African violet mix is good; well-draining, fertile soil
  • Fertilization: slow-release feed in spring; every two weeks indoors with water-soluble houseplant fertilizer diluted by half
  • Repotting: when they overgrow and crowd out existing pot, go up one inch size; great in terrariums. Note that roots are shallow. Set separated plants on top of potting medium and water.


  • Grow style: fast
  • Common problems: overwatering, underwatering, too much or too little light; whiteflies, scale, aphids
  • Propagation: by division

Research sources: Guide to HouseplantsMy Garden Lifepick Ontario