Field notes — July 9, 2021

Unknown succulent, Tahmatassu

  • Dried stem area has progressed further up the plant, the lower leaf is wilting, and there is black on the green part of stem after the dried part.
  • Cut off healthy part, placed into cactus mix.
  • Need to keep out of sunlight for a couple days until the cut area forms a callus, then keep it dry for a couple months and it may root.

Cissus discolor, Jane Feeniks

  • Cannot believe it, but after two days under the cloche, there is already a new leaf!!
  • I found another area of the same scale-infected stem, with 3 more instances of scale, close to the potting mix. Swabbed all with alcohol.

Sansevieria laurentii, Hatshepsut

  • One stem, with new growth, has spots of rot.
  • Posted question online to determine what must be done.

Syngonium Pink Neon, Rapunzel

  • She’s pushing out a new little pink leaf! So cute!